Moms & Babes Workshop

Presented by - Teara Ashby, DC, DO(MP)

September 28-29th, 2019

Location - Kimberley, BC







INSTITUT CAMIRAND MUZZI | centre de formation continue en ostéopathie Osteopathic Postgraduate Studies at the CAMIRAND MUZZI INSTITUTE

Autumn 2019 in MONTREAL, Canada

Auditorium des Pères Dominicains, 2715 chemins de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, MONTREAL, Canada


4 Days | 23rd 24th 25th 26th SEPTEMBER 2019


4 Days | 30th SEPTEMBER 1st 2nd 3rd OCTOBER 2019

with Dino Muzzi D.O

2 Days | 4th 5th OCTOBER 2019

Join them in the lively city of Montreal for a unique chance to deepen your knowledge and learn new tools for your practice through Nathalie and Dino’s dynamic and generous teaching styles whilst enjoying the charm and diversity of Montreal in the colourful season.

3 SEMINARS NOT TO BE MISSED ! Given in English, translated in Russian


This course is for all those who wish to explore the specific osteopathic approach to glandular balance. New diagnostic and therapeutic tools will be presented. You will therefore be able to understand and identify your patient’s symptoms to help them rapidly, particularly in the prevention or the initial stages of a glandular deficiency :fatigue, lack of energy, foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, chronic inflammatory disorders, hot flashes, digestive difficulties, oppression, anxiety, depression... You will broaden your understanding of the balance of the different glands in relation to one another and how to address them specifically.

This course, has been very popular in Canada for over 13 years. It was given several time In Europe and now in 15 different countries!

This seminar is highly praised for the clinical and therapeutic tools it provides.

Brief course synopsis on 4 days:

  •   Hormonal balance. Effects of stress on the glands and nervous system.

  •   Description of the various glands (pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals and a short word on ovaries and testicles (generally seen in an other seminar) and their functions.

  •   Symptoms of hypo and hyper function of each gland. How to establish an accurate diagnosis.

  •   Kinesiology and Osteopathic Glandular Test.

  •   Specific techniques on the glands, the vagus nerve and the arteries of each gland

  •   Autonomic balance: specific techniques of stimulation and inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system and para sympathetic vs each gland deficit. Global techniques for nervous balance.

  •   Natural supplements according to each gland and disorders of hypo and hyper function Cost: 900.00$

    Schedule: 9h -17h30
    Download the
    registration form on our website: Amount paid at Institut Camirand Muzzi, 40 Bates bur. 100, Outremont , H2V 4T5


In our fast paced society, where antidepressant consumption has dramatically risen, the need to better understand how our system reacts, defends itself against stressful events, and expresses its disharmonies could not be greater. This seminar will present a deepened comprehension of anxiety disorders, of depressions and the latest scientific and osteopathic discoveries pertaining to these subjects.

A clinical approach of the encephalon and of the different areas concerned in cases of anxiety and depression will be demonstrated. The treatment of the medullar axis, the viscero-fascial axis, and the arterial axis is covered with specific techniques on each of them. The effects of food intolerances and of parasites on the general system, and more particularly on the nervous system will be presented, as well as the means to diagnose them. Also, a scientific review and an osteopathic approach of the brain-gut axis and the vagus nerve greatly involved in anxiety disorders, will be seen. A study conducted by B.Champagne D.O. (Qc) on the effect of osteopathic treatments addressing the brain-gut axis in patients presenting with anxiety showed statistically significant results: a considerable decrease in anxiety symptoms in 90% of cases after three osteopathic treatments, in comparison to 10% in the control group.

The recommendations and advice that may be given to patients for natural supplements will also be covered.

From that point on, not only you will be better able to prevent these syndromes in their early stages, but you will have new effective tools to rapidly help patients who are suffering from these. A decrease of stress, anxiety and depression levels will have a positive effect on every level of that person.

Brief course synopsis on 4 days:

  •   Stress and the phases of adaptation. Prevention of anxiety and depression.

  •   Depression and anxiety: symptoms, clinical approaches, comprehension and treatment.

  •   Cranial dura-mater, spinal and sacral dura-mater.

  •   Filum terminale

  •   Endocranial treatment. Balancing of the limbic system and thalamus. The inter-hemisphere connection.

  •   Specific treatment of the brain stem, the amygdaloid body, the insula, the pre-frontal and frontal cortex and

    the cingulate cortex.

  •   Specific techniques for the cerebral arteries, on the vagus nerve and on the arteries that are concerned by

    the abdominal et pelvic brain

  •   The brain-gut axis: description and treatment, its impacts on anxiety and depression.

  •   Assessment means to evaluate the presence of internal stress factors as intestinal parasites, food

    intolerances, microbiote problems and leaky-gut syndrome.

  •   Involvement of the uterus itself and ovarian hormones, or testicular hormones in generating anxiety and


  •   Description, treatment and reciprocal balancing of the body’s three axis’.

  •   Differentiation and treatment methodology of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, from a local

    metamerical and global point of view.

  •   Advices and recommendations of natural supplements.

Cost: 900.00$
Schedule: 9h -17h30
Download the
registration form on our website: Amount paid at Institut Camirand Muzzi, 40 Bates bur. 100, Outremont , H2V 4T5


The information you present, your dynamic teaching style and the relevance of this material makes for us an invaluable learning experience”

Amanda Heyes -

"One of the most appreciated and relevant lecturers we have had the pleasure of inviting in Hamburg. The new tools in the neuro-endocrine field that are taught are highly specific and efficient, and readily applicable in a clinical context"

Torsten Liem; (Codir. Osteopathie Schule Deutschland and Author)

Nathalie Camirand has been teaching continuing training in Gynecology and Functional Urology for about 20 years. She is the author of the book "Dysfonctions glandulaires et nerveuses" published by Maloine in 2009. She teaches at the CEO in Montreal since 1993, teaches continuing education courses in now 15

different countries in Europe and South America: Italy (CIO), France (BOTO, FROP), Switzerland, United Kingdom ( Molinari), Portugal ( SOORF), Spain (IAO) , Greece, Germany ( DOK, OSD), Poland and the WSO Master Program in Austria certified by the University of Vienna, etc. She is the investigator and the coordinator of a Specialty Program post-master degree of 30 credits in Gynecology Obstetric at the

University Pompeu Fabra offered by the IASO. Her courses are highly appreciated for the great clinical expertise that she shares and has developed in these areas for over 25 years.

“I have been using this material in almost every patient I have seen since returning Nathalie's seminar in

Greece and am loving exploring with this in mind. After this seminar, people have been noticing changes in

my thyroid, my weight and my levels of stress and have been asking about the catalyst for those

changes. For that I can happily say it was you, Nathalie along with the amazing experience in Greece!

I also saw a change in my levels of pain, depression and anxiety

Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia & New Zealand

(SCTF of ANZ), with whom I have been teaching for 18 years and of which I am the

immediate Past President

“The content of her seminars is original and innovative and all the students are very enthousiast about the way she transmits her knowledges.”

JP Barral ( Barral Osteopathic Teaching Organization)

"I met Nathalie in a seminar she was giving in Greece. I was so impressed. I said to myself, it's the

osteopathy that I want to promote. I am very happy that my colleagues (18), all graduates of the European

School of Osteopathy trusted me and decided to follow me here in Canada to do both training with her:

Glandular Dysfunctions, the approach osteopathic and Stress, anxiety, depression; brain-gut axis. As you

will see, by their comments, they are far from disappointed and all very enthusiastic. They all want to

come back again! "

Nadya Sheremetova MD, ostéopathe (Russia)

"I have done several continuing education seminars in Osteopathy in the last 10 years in several European

countries. I can say that Nathalie's seminars are without contradiction, the best that I have been able to attend. I agree with my colleagues that Nathalie Camirand's seminars on endocrine dysfunction and the brain-gut axis are contributing to a new area of osteopathy, opening a new door, a new General Ledger page. of Osteopathy.

Thank you Nathalie for your teachings. Your approach is fantastic! "

Albert Badag MD Neurologist and Osteopath (Moscow, Russia)

"I am very impressed by the content of Nathalie's seminars. I did a lot of continuing education in osteopathy. The level of knowledge she shares is far beyond my expectations. A very high level that it shares with us and a unification of all the systems. I had the impression to do 10 seminars in two. This will really transform my practice. Nathalie, you're just great! "

Alexis, neurosurgeon and osteopath in Moscow

"Nathalie is an incredible teacher, a great speaker and a person so kind and caring. The tools presented in its seminars are new and innovative, specific and so effective. She shares all this with simplicity and brilliance. These seminars helped me personally with my energy and will help me to go further with my patients. "

Svetlana Danilenko midwife and osteopath in Russia

"Nathalie's seminars are colossal, a new area of osteopathy is born. Lots of new ideas to help my


Pavel Finogenov Neurologist and researcher in Neuro-physiology, osteopath.


This workshop is open to all osteopaths who wish to develop a diagnostic tool and treatment of the somato-emotional lesion. A non-directive approach centered on the patient and using the combined osteopathy and focusing treatment, will be taught.

Focusing is a body approach in psychotherapy designed by American Eugene Gendlin in the early 1970s. It describes primarily an attitude of attention to feel what happens in your body: emotions, kinesthetic sensation or visceral perceptions. Gendlin has defined the "bodily felt sense" , meaning a body sensation recognition and can be identified and associate with emotion, tension or a problem which the person faces . He developed a protocol that guides the patient and allow him to find the understanding of that emotion / tension and the deeper meaning of it.

After several years of practice, reflection and learning the approach of Eugene T. Gendlin, Dino Muzzi combines it in a wonderful way with the practice of osteopathy. It is now clear that these two approaches put together provide a very powerful and effective tool for the osteopath.

During that seminar will be presented on 2 days :

  •   An evaluation method through the fascia, as additional tools to target the primary lesion , improve the rapidity of diagnosis and clinical efficiency

  •   Description of the living matrix

  •   Introduction to somato -emotional lesion into the fascia

  •   Description of the inseparable relationship between the different tension and their emotional involvement

  •   Introduction to a method of verbalization of emotions in relation to the somato- emotional lesion: a non-directive

    approach such as " focusing" centered on the patient

  •   How we can guide the patient during treatment to allow him to release the emotional component as well as being a

    fulcrum and dynamic support, to maximize the impact of our osteopathic treatments

  •   Experimenting with different treatment strategies combining osteopathy and Focusing to meet and respect the patient's


  •   Treatment and specific methodology to somato -emotional lesion

  •   The involvement of palpation respecting the tissues in different types of techniques

    Cost: 450.00$
    Schedule: 9h -17h30
    Download the
    registration form on our website: Amount paid at Institut Camirand Muzzi, 40 Bates bur. 100, Outremont , H2V 4T5

Dino Muzzi DO graduated in physiotherapy from the University of Montreal in 1985 and in Osteopathy from College d’Études Osteopathiques (CEO) of Montreal in 1993. In addition to his clinical involvement with diverse patients, he developed a passion for teaching in different colleges:

College d’Études Osteopathiques (CEO) of Montreal, Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO) in Toronto, Deutsches Osteopathie Kolleg and Österreichische Osteopathy Kolleg in Germany, Swiss International College of Osteopathy in Zurich. He is also Professor B.Sc. degree program (Hons) validated by the

University of Wales since 2004 in Montreal. He received the title of Professor of Osteopathy at the CEO since June 2006

Since 2000, he is invited every year as a speaker at various international symposium in Quebec and Europe. He has also developed expertise and post-graduate courses in the somato-emotional lesion. These courses are presented for several years in Quebec, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Austria. His practice is extensive and diverse, he is renowned for its diagnostic and therapeutic quality. He is a member of Ostéopathie Québec and he is presently a member of the comity for the osteopatic profession regulation with the Quebec government.


“ I would like to thank Dino for this seminar. His teaching is dynamic, clear, precise and interesting. He is very generous with sharing his personal and professional experiences. He cares about is students and their understanding of the subject.”

-Nancy Blanchette Osteopath D.O

“ I rarely assisted to a seminar where the teacher was such a pedagogue! Everything was perfect. Well organised, structured with lots of listening and welcome for questions. You really make osteopathy shine everywhere and it's beautiful to see. "

-Marie-Eve Mathieu Osteopath D.O

"I really enjoyed this seminar!. I came out with a lot of tools and more awareness. Look forward to continuing in this direction with my patients! Thank you for the warm welcome and the very human side of this training! Thank you very much again! "

-Josée Boudreault Osteopath D.O

"I have to congratulate Dino on the quality of this course, both in terms of presentation and content. In short, I think I gave myself a gift by attending this class, to offer one to my patients afterwards. Thank you for your sharing and your generosity. "

-Sylvie Boisvert Osteopath D.O

40, Bates #100 . Outremont, Qc . H2V 4T5 | Tél. : 514-273-6136 | institut [at]







Free Course on Evidence-Based Behavioural Interventions






“Working in the ease” with Stéphanie Bourgeois, D.O., at the Canadian School of Osteopathy-Vancouver




For the osteopathic practitioners who want to expand their possibilities of approaches in their treatment.

The goal of this course is to inspire them to develop their own techniques adapted to each and every patient, from babies to children to adult to elders.



-The participants will deepen their knowledge of the approach in the ease by learning notions and theories from physics, embryology and physiology that support the approach.

-The participants will review a few anatomy details for them to better visualize their work in the ease. 

-The participants will get to practice the application of the theory in class with their colleagues.

-The participants will broaden their understanding of the whole body while appreciating the need to be specific in a global approach.

-The participants will learn how to apply and integrate this approach with patients of all ages, while paying particular attention to the treatment of babies.


Prerequisites: 4th year students and up, D.O.M.P.

Where: Canadian School of Osteopathy-Vancouver

When: September 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2019

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Cost:   $780.00


To register, please click on this link:





Fascial Dissection course in Boulder Colorado

Tom Meyers

Jan. 6-10, 2020






Dear colleagues in Osteopathic Education,

We would kindly like to remind you about the Call for Papers for our upcomig event.

7th “Open Forum for Osteopathic Education” conference - “Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy”

The topic of the seventh “Open Forum for Osteopathic Education” Conference - “Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy” is looking at the historical, physiological, mechanical, philosophical, scientific ways of view. It will feature presentations and workshops in this important area.

We would like to invite you to submit a paper for a platform or poster presentation or a short workshop before 31st December 2019in one of the following areas:

  • Teaching historical background in principles
  • How & why does osteopathy work the way it does?
  • Teaching the mechanical principles of osteopathy
  • Educational strategies in the mechanical explanation
  • Teaching the philosophical explanation of osteopathy.
  • Teaching working strategies, such as:
    • Biophysics
    • Evolution
    • Embryology
    • Paleontology
  • Teaching the physiological Explanation
  • The didactical development of teaching the working principles
  • Teaching Phenomenology in education

Please use the Submission Form on the OsEAN website to send us your abstract. 
Papers will be made anonymous before being sent to the committee. This is to make the rating process as objectively as possible, based purely on the content and its relevance to the topic of the Open Forum. Nevertheless, we ask you to follow the attached Layout Guidelines.

We would appreciate if you could forward this information to colleagues or faculty members who might be interested in presenting or participating in the conference.

We are looking forward to receiving your submission and to meeting you all at this exciting event!

With kind regards, 
Robert Muts D.O.
President of Osteopathic European Academic Network