OBC® Licensing Terms of Use

OsteopathyBC Certification Mark and Trademark License Terms

Subject to the following terms and conditions, our osteopathic practitioner members (each a “Licensee”) are licensed to use the trademarks and certification marks of the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy (“SPMPO”), including the trademarks and certification marks “OsteopathyBC”, “For Every Body”, and the following design mark:

(collectively, the “Marks”).

  1. Licensee acknowledges that SPMPO owns the entire right, title and interest to the Marks. 
  2. SPMPO hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the Marks in association with the practice and provision of manual practice osteopathy services (the “License”), and provided that Licensee at all times comports itself in accordance with the Professional Code of Conduct available at https://osteopathybc.ca/professional-code-conduct. Licensee acknowledges that Licensee is not entitled, by virtue of being a member of SPMPO, to use the Marks other than under the terms of the License. 
  3. The License is provided only for the term that Licensee is a member of SPMPO, and is subject to the payment of all applicable membership dues, and provided the Licensee is otherwise in compliance with any requirements associated with the applicable designation conveyed to Licensee by SPMPO.
  4. In order to maintain the right to continue to use the Marks, Licensee agrees to maintain any and all standards for the character and quality of the services to be provided in association with the Marks. SPMPO shall convey such standards to Licensee from time to time. Such standards shall include but not be limited to the SPMPO Professional Code of Conduct.  Licensee also agrees to earn any continuing education credits required by SPMPO.
  5. Licensee agrees that SPMPO may monitor the provision of services provided by Licensee in association with the Marks and that, in the event SPMPO determines that the quality of those services do not meet the standards set by SPMPO, SPMPO may terminate the License upon provision of written notice to Licensee. 
  6. Upon termination of the License, licensee shall immediately cease to use or display the Marks.
  7. Licensee shall at all times display the Marks in accordance with any and all applicable guidelines for use of the Marks. As a licensee of the Marks:
    1. The Marks may not be altered, abbreviated, or modified in any way.
    2. To ensure that the Marks appear properly, all reproduction of the Marks must be made from high-quality images provided by SPMPO./li>
    3. The Marks may be used to identify a group of individuals; however, each individual listed must be current members of SPMPO and current holders of any applicable designation.
    4. The Marks, and each of them, must not be used as part of a product name, service name,trademark, logo, or company name.
    5. Licensee shall not adopt any trademark, trade name, or certification mark that confusingly similar to any of the Marks.
  8. Licensee agrees to be bound by the License and the terms provided herein.  Licensee may indicate its assent to the License and the terms provided herein by any applicable means of indicating such assent, including by agreeing to and submitting a membership application to the SPMPO.