The Purposes of OsteopathyBC

OsteopathyBC Constitution

  1. To promote, represent, demonstrate and inform the public of Osteopathy and the role it plays in health care in British Columbia
  2. To clarify the present confusion which exists between Osteopathic Practitioners and Osteopathic Physicians.
  3. To ensure that the best quality of manual practice osteopathy is provided to the people of B.C. from Osteopathic Practitioners with high standards of training and expertise.
  4. To establish a code of conduct and practice standards with which members must comply as a condition of membership, in order to demonstrate the society members' commitment to establish and promote manual practice osteopathy in B.C.
  5. To provide an organization to represent osteopathy, which is consistent with other parts of Canada, and the rest of the world, in order that patients, practitioners and the general public can benefit from clear and consistently available information and access to osteopathy.
  6. To represent and promote osteopathy to governmental, legislative and healthcare bodies. To liaise with other osteopathic organizations in Canada and worldwide.