Benefits as an OBC Member

OsteopathyBC (OBC) members* receive a wide range of benefits and support in areas advocacy, discounts, practice resources, continuing education, insurance and news updates about osteopathy. OBC is continually working to bring ​members and the osteopathic profession a voice in BC and provide the necessary guidance to practice safely and legally.

Advocacy and Representation

  • OBC advocates on behalf of its members to government, insurers, and other health professions.
  • OBC also represents its members nationally, as a member of the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths, and internationally, through Osteopathic International Alliance membership.
  • OBC also helps members stay informed of legal and political issues affecting the profession.

Member Discounts

  • Members receive discounts on management software, and first aid and cardiopulmonary respiratory (CPR) training.

Practice Resources

  • OBC has created promotional resources to help members promote and expand their practices, this includes special member prices for brochures and free posters, videos, etc.
  • Regular Instagram and Facebook posts created by OBC help increase visibility of Osteopathy, these posts can be shared by members on their social media accounts.
  • Members can post ads for clinic space, jobs and osteopathy related courses on OBC's website for free.
  • OBC members are listed on OBC's website and can be searched for by name or location; there is a members map that helps patients find a practitioner in their area.

Professional Development

  • Access to members-only webinars and in-person courses put on by OBC at affordable prices
  • A free subscription to the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (IJOM) for full, inactive and student memberships.


  • For business: Professional Liability Insurance designed for Osteopathic Practitioners to provide essential coverage and protect members and their business at a competitive rate
  • For patients: OBC is recognized by many/most extended health insurers
  • For personal: Extended health insurance for members and their family needs

Stay Informed and Engaged with Osteopathy Matters

  • OBC quarterly e-newsletters, e-blasts, and members-only section of the OBC website
  • Be connected to the osteopathy community locally, nationally and internationally

Join OBC and support the osteopathic profession. Together we grow!

*The student membership category has access to some OBC courses, receives updates on the osteopathic profession, and participates in some discussions. They are not eligible for other member benefits unless indicated.