Welcome to OsteopathyBC

British Columbia’s professional body for Osteopathic Practitioners

What Makes Osteopathy So Effective?

We listen

We aim to fully understand you and your challenges.

We assess

We consider your entire body to determine the root cause of your concerns.

We look

We view your body with a wholistic approach; everything is connected.

We inquire

We ask the question “What’s preventing your body from functioning optimally?”

We treat

We use a variety of hands on techniques to release stress and strain in your body, using a very developed sense of palpation to discern the tensions and areas in need.

We integrate

We value the inter-relationships between all the systems of the body, and aim to restore balance within and between the muscles, joints, bones, nerves, vessels, connective tissues and internal organs.

We value you

Our relationship with you is important, and together we formulate a treatment plan to assist in achieving your health goals.



National Standard of Canada for Osteopathic Healthcare

The National Standard of Canada, CSA Z16686:20, Osteopathic healthcare provision, helps standardize the core competencies, educational requirements, and the ethical framework for manual osteopathic care across the country. CSA Z16686:20 also helps safeguard patients and provides assertion of the quality of care they could receive via manual osteopathic treatment. Based on the 2015 European Standard EN 16686 of the same name and the World Health Organization (WHO) 2010 ‘Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy’, it brings Canada in line with the best and most widely accepted standards in this field.

CSA Z16686:20 was developed by CSA Group in accordance with internationally recognized protocols. It is available for purchase on the CSA Store.

Image published with permission from CSA Group



OsteopathyBC acknowledges, with deep respect and gratitude, that we live and work on the ancestral
and traditional lands of multiple Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia.